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Awesome Melissa Australia Day Achievement Award

2019 - Awesome Melissa receives Australia Day Achievement Award

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Best transgender issues & inclusion consultant 2022 (Australia) award in the Global Health & Pharma Awards.

October 2022. Wow! Click Here.

September 2022. Find me in this new book! The Power to Rise Above.

Get your copy now: Click Here.

I am pleased to announce that I have accepted my nomination for the Global Health & Pharma Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2022.
It was a nomination that came out of the blue. I am both honoured and humbled to be nominated for these awards.

Book launch! Letters from 270+ fab women (including West Footscray’s own Melissa Griffiths) have all written letters to their 21 year old selves. All proceeds go to Lou’s Place, Sydney No.1 Drop-in Centre for homeless people and females.

Get your copy now: Click Here.
In e-book format as well: Click Here.

  • Podcast episode - Breakfast with Warriors - Survivor series

  • On Network 10 news in front row on August 8, 2019 - Cricket Australia news item on new Transgender Policy

  • Podcast! - Transitioning in the Workplace: An interview with Melissa Griffiths by Transgender Insights

  • Great to be part of the final episode of the web series, Monkey Man, out now

  • I am grateful and honoured to be part of this second anthology edition of Ponderings magazine. Get your copy online at Ponderings now using this link. Also at all good bookshops.

  • 27 May, 2023: Pride month 2023.

  • 16 June, 2023: Great to have my article on What Pride Means to Me featured as part of Millesimal’s June 2023 (Part 2) Magazine. Please check it out on pages 19-20.

  • Regular Section

  • Awesome Melissa on The Zarlequan podcast
  • Melissa’s profile on
  • The Art of Saying No
  • Becoming a Rise Above author by Melissa Griffiths
  • My challenges - success
  • Voice surgery and tuning into the right radio station
  • Challenges of switching off social media
  • NSW Women of the year awrds controversy
  • Podcast - Changing society one person at a time
  • Great to be part of this book to share some of my story and I look forward to reading all the other stories from amazing women in The Power to Rise Above book
  • Podcast - The Hidden World of Women - Being a transgender woman in 2022
  • Inclusion in swimming
  • Substance abuse in LGBTQ community
  • Substance abuse statistics and resources
  • Inclusion in sport
  • Latest Article by Awesome Melissa
  • Latest Podcast by Awesome Melissa
  • Transgender woman bullied
  • Leadership qualities
  • Awesome Melissa on Channel 7 news in the 2022 Pride March
  • Nice surprise - Melissa Griffiths
  • Some transgender issues diverse people face
  • Single sex spaces a challenge for transgender rights
  • Challenging gender norm
  • Challenges and joys of being a parent to transgender boys
  • Rules around transgender athletes
  • Trans children fighting back
  • Fox 101.9 FM. Weekend Breakfast Interview - Part 1
  • Fox 101.9 FM. Weekend Breakfast Interview - Part 2
  • Forging a path for Transgender
  • #FeministFridays Podcast interview
  • Midsumma Festival Interview - From March 2021 - Fast forward to the 59.55 minute mark
  • Idahobit Day
  • More Funding Required
  • Progress hindered by some
  • Online visibility as a trans woman is fraught with challenges
  • I become a Flutterbys Ambassador
  • Using social media to build your influence
  • School has Pronoun Badge
  • State Bills target Transgender Youth
  • Bangladesh First Transgender
  • Victorian Women You Need to Know
  • ‘Let’s Talk about it’ - BODY Confidence with Melissa Griffiths, Lisa Westgate & Nicole Oaten
  • We are not chickens
  • Interview with Nicole Oates talking about Anger and Anger Management
  • Exclusion of women at the women only pool?
  • Transgender teenager Olivia
  • Transgender footballer threatens legal action
  • Canberra doctor hands back OAM
  • Joe Biden appoints transgender woman
  • How the pandemic changed the way we live
  • Coming Out Your True Self
  • Video interview for online TV Show - PowerTalk
  • Trans candidate Brazil vote
  • Coming Out Your True Self
  • Ways to be kind online
  • Perth Lord Mayor
  • Australian Rugby
  • An Abundant Mind
  • Be resilient online
  • Freedom
  • Covid-19 QR codes
  • Social media tips
  • International Rugby
  • Podcast October 15, 2020
  • Rugby Union takes different view
  • Indian Supreme Court
  • Activists March
  • National coming out day
  • Senior transgender woman in Europe
  • Book award controversy
  • Inclusion in sport
  • Are you resilient?
  • Awesome Melissa joins the board of Just Sociale
  • Catch my latest interview with Sarah Josephine Liberty on her weekly podcast
    discussing all things transgender
  • Understanding transgender children
  • Informer Interview Part 1
  • Informer Interview Part 2
  • Why are so many kids coming out as trans or non binary?
  • Peyton Rose Michelle
  • Diversity and Inclusion still matters
  • Your toxic workplace
  • Queen honours trans MP
  • Transparency
  • Transgender Sailor
  • Coping with daily abuse as a Transgender Person
  • Ponderings - What you would say to your 21 year old self
  • Inquiry - Transgender Youth
  • Transgender Dancers
  • Strong Transgender Women
  • Leading Way - Diversity
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Transgender Woman Slain in Puerto Rico
  • Interview by Ants Talk on #SoundCloud
  • World Rugby and Transgender Players
  • Swedish Gender Reassignment Surgery Debate
  • Empathy - Body Image
  • 1st Podbean episode - Introduction
  • 2nd Podbean episode - Empathy
  • Awesome Melissa now on HALO
  • I am raising funds for The Trustee for NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades Donation Fund
    Please email me for details.
    Here is a link to my Facebook page where the link to fundraiser is:
    Click here
    Here is a link to fundraiser on Facebook: Click here
    Here is a link to NSW Rural Fire Service: Click here

  • Changing and creating change
  • Awesome Melissa interviewed
  • Awesome Melissa - Podcast
  • Mental Health Issues - Let's make it better
  • Interview with Eryn Brown from LGBTQ+ News and Chat in USA
  • Transgender and LGBTIQ+ terminology. Composed by Awesome Melissa
  • Leadership - Hope
  • Melissa featured in November issue of Mindfood magazine
  • Leadership - Honesty
  • Leadership - Integrity
  • Mental Health - Depression
  • Depression can hit anytime
  • Leadership - Kindness
  • Leadership - Accountability
  • Leadership - Self Care
  • Leadership - Empathy
  • College Engineering recogised diversity
  • What is leadership?
  • Can we advance diversity inclusion?
  • Transgender testifies in Canada
  • Transgender child in Victoria
  • Double standards at work
  • Gucci hires diversity chef
  • Diversity has room for improvement
  • Campaign launch UK
  • Leadership art delegation
  • Students and diversity
  • Australian workplaces struggling
  • Rangers Football Club
  • Transgender treatment
  • PWC and NZ Herald on diversity
  • Pride
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Domestic violence
  • Transgenders who self identify
  • Power Passion Podcast - A podcast on Anchor
  • Diversity and inclusion - Auckland
  • Aliza trailblazing in Warrnambool
  • Anxiety attack can hit!
  • Air New Zealand Diversity Award
  • Time to end bullying
  • Awesome Melissa on The Full Hour talk show
  • Gender neutral bathrooms
  • Non binary identification
  • Trans debate UK
  • Lesbians happiest
  • Citizens Voices - Awesome Melissa on page 34
  • Awesome Melissa in Humans of the Sky feature
  • Celebrating the International Day of Trans Visibility
  • Computerised Agriculture?
  • Expand Staff Diversity
  • Okay Trans Tell
  • Diversity still an issue for councils in UK?
  • Diversity pledge - Great concept if it delivers
  • More Women on Boards
  • Diversity in technology sector not a priority
  • Diversity lacking in medical research
  • More diversity in management - implications on the gap
  • Henry Sias could break new ground for trans men in USA
  • GUCCI changing its tune
  • Read Awesome Melissa's article in the latest edition of Sofya Style magazine
  • "We all have the power to create change!" - Another Article by Awesome Melissa
  • Australia Day Achievement Medallions
  • Citizens Right Watch Newsletter - Another Article by Awesome Melissa
  • Member - Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association
  • Dealing With Curve Balls In Life – Written by Melissa | Positive People Army
  • Transgender Leave at Westpac
  • Story of Souls - Article
  • This Woman Can - Article
  • Citizens Right Watch Newsletter - AFL policies, since revised, see next line
  • AFL Policy supersedes part of CRW article - next one up
  • Interview - Nova Entertainment’s Phil Brander - Sydney’s Star 104.5FM - "Being Transgender"
  • Interview at Minus 18’s 2018 Spring Fashion Fundraiser on September 23 by Bryanna Reynolds
  • Interview by Julia Wagner - September 19
  • On ABC News on Wednesday 12 September
  • Finalist - Women's Agenda Leadership Awards - "Agenda setter of the year"
  • Latest LinkedIn post Limited Edition Leader
  • Text of LinkedIn post - next one up
  • Interview - role as a Flexible Working Day Ambassador - go to page 22
  • Interview on Joy FM - 23 June 2018
  • Awesome Melissa published in The Guardian
  • Flexible Working Day Magazine
  • May interview with HR daily
  • Article on Figured Network
  • Promotion of my services
  • April interview with Psychles- another media event
  • Published in UK Magazine Sofia Style (Large File)
  • AMBASSADOR - Flex Work, Full Life - Click here for more details
  • Published in Issue 20 of Model Citizen Magazine - Page 216
  • Finalist for Victorian LGBTI person of the year, 2017
  • Interview with Ashley Sawko - What it's really like being Transgender
  • Star Observer article on my nomination
  • My nomination for Victorian LGBTI Person of the Year
  • On the issue of Hannah Mouncey and her AFL dream
  • Article in Citizens Right Watch May - August 2017 issue
  • On Grief and her Transgender Journey - on AM Healing my Soul TV
  • On Australian Leaders - with attribution to Victor Perton
  • My own Blog - Blog with me today
  • Interview with Penny Locaso from BKindred
  • Sporteluxe - website with information on wellbeing, health, fitness and lifestyle
  • Talk Radio interview in the United States
  • Podcast Petra Jungmanova - her journey and gender identity re employers
  • Scout Jobs re Inclusive Workplace
  • Blog with Iceberg Agency
  • Thrive Global interview

  • Advice - via the media

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