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No Transgender Policy?

It axiomatic to think that contemporary organisations do not have sensible policies of conduct. These range from business ethics, employment, customer service, discrimination and so on. So why not one for transgender people? I can implement this for you.

Test yourself: I come up to your staff member and ask: "What bathroom should I use?". If the answer ranges from: "I do not know", "The disabled one" or "Go home Geoff", then you need to call me straight away and I'll compose your policy and train your staff.

****** Here is a one pager of tips for employers to create a diverse and inclusive workplace.
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****** Tips for employers for transgender person transitioning in the workplace.
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****** Here is a one pager for a Q & A session that I have conducted.
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****** Here is an easy reference for Pronouns, LGBTIQA+ and Poly Terminology.
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****** Here is another reference for Pronouns - What and Why.
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****** Here is an easy reference for LGBTIQA+ Terminology.
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Ok. How much?

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