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National Employment Solutions Conference

"Melissa is an inspiring speaker who draws on her personal experience to educate employers on transgender issues. Her presentation at the National Employment Solutions Conference was both engaging and informative. She provided practical advice on policy implementation and ways employers can create a safe, supportive environment for people transitioning in the workplace."


October, 2018


Amber Jacobs

Journalist at WorkplaceInfo.

Brace Education & Training

"Melissa has been a guest speaker for Brace on two occasions speaking to Certificate IV in Mental Health and a Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs. Brace students reported being most impressed with her transparency and information volunteered in relation to the ‘transitioning’ process. Students and Staff also commented on Melissa’s insight into her own journey and were humbled by her determination to educate her community."


19 July, 2018


Debra-Lee Wilkinson-Reed

BRACE Education & Training - Trainer and Assessor.


"Melissa is a (sic) inspiring speaker who shared her story and raw experiences to help us better understand the challenges for transgender people. Her story was honest, moving, powerful, and at times sad; but ultimately uplifting. A great resources (sic) for leaders or anyone who wants to create a more inclusive workplace."


May 17, 2018


Brian Westley

Regional Director Northern VicRoads.

Alpine Valleys Community Leadership

I presented a session on Effective Advocacy and they loved it.

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    September, 2017


    Karlie Langdon

    AVCLP Program Coordinator.

    Social Proof

    "Melissa was an engaging speaker who shared her experience of transitioning so that we had the opportunity to step into her world and learn about the challenges, lessons and achievements along the way."


    September, 2017


    Juliana De Marco
    Director/Clinical Psychologist
    Healing Minds Psychology

    There are many benefits in

    having me present at your next function



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    Melissa Griffiths

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